Barona Pipelines & Fittings

Barona Pipelines & Fittings specializes in installations and welding of HDPE and Steel Pipelines and fabrication of HDPE fittings. We install pipelines for sewer, portable water and slurry applications in the mining, private and government sectors. We work closely with Civil engineers, civil contractors and municipalities. Barona Pipelines & Fittings have dedicated teams to handle breakdowns on pipelines in any sector. We regularly attend to breakdowns and pipe failures in the City of Tshwane municipal area. Between the 3 Directors of Barona are 30 years experience in HDPE installations, Fabrication and Construction projects.

We pride ourselves in the quality of workmanship we provide. We are a proud member of IFPA who regulates the installation and fabrication sectors of the Plastic pipe industry.

Barona Pipelines & Fittings are geared and ready to assist you with any pipeline installations for sewer and slurry, and plant pipework fabrication.

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HDPE Pipe Installations

Pipe Installation Project
  • Project Working Crews on Site
  • Applications Include
  • HDPE Manholes Advantages
  • HDPE Tanks

HDPE Fittings

HDPE Fittings
  • Suppliers and Installers of HDPE pipe line
  • Supplier of HDPE Fittings:
    • Lateral
    • Custom Bents
    • Stub & Flange
    • T-Piece